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Welcome to mpregbigbang! This is a multi-fandom big bang comm. The goal of this challenge is for authors to write a 10,000 plus completed story (centered around mpreg) and artists to create art for that story. There are a few rules, so please read carefully! The moderators for this challenge are chosenfire28, alby_mangroves, and patchcat

Author sign ups open –August 31st, 2013
Author sign ups close – October 31st, 2012
Checkpoint #1 – September 20th, 2013
Checkpoint #2 – October 25th, 2013
Checkpoint #3 – November22nd, 2013
Rough drafts due – December 10th, 2013
Artist claims up – December 16th, 2013
Artist checkpoint (MANDATORY) – January 18th-25th, 2014
Final fic and art due – February 17th, 2014
Posting schedule up – February 22nd, 2014
Posting starts – March 1st, 2014


1 - To participate you must fill out the appropriate form (writer/artist). You are allowed to sign up for more than one thing (ie. you can sign up as a writer and an artist).


1 - The minimum word count for stories is 10,000.

2 – All kinds of pairings/plots/fandoms are allowed as long as the story is focused on mpreg.

3 - No more than two people can co-author a story.

4 - Previously written stories are allowed only if half the words written during the big bang period are new and the complete story is posted to the big bang. If its a story that no one else has seen (not posted anywhere) then it will count as a new story.

1 - You must make at least one customized graphic for the story (or stories) that you claim. You are of course allowed to make more than one piece; there is no maximum on that.

2 - All types of graphic and visual art are accepted up to and including: photoshop, drawings, videos, fanmixes, etc. If you are unsure what you want to make will count as art please email us with the details.

If you have any other questions about the big bang check the FAQ or email us at mpregbigbang@gmail.com

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